Metropolitan Communty Church of Pueblo
PO Box 1918 Pueblo CO 81002
Rev John Mark Hild Pastor
More Information About Us
A Minsitry of hope, affirmation, inspiration and self worth  


Since 1986

Metropolitan Community 

Church of Pueblo

has been delivering the wonderful message that

God’s love is for all !!!!


The Rev. John Mark Hild



What is Metropolitan Community Church of Pueblo


MCC Pueblo is affiliated with Metropolitan Community Churches

In 1968, The Reverend Elder Troy Perry, a former Pentecostal minister founded this denomination, recognized by the World Council of Churches.


MCC church extends its ministry to all people regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, economic, or cultural background. Its membership as well as leadership, comes from diverse Christian Traditions – Liberal, Conservative,  Liturgical, Charismatic, and Evangelical.


There are approximately 300 MCCs in 30 countries around the globe, with a membership of over 65,000 congregants.


Our church and denomination were founded with a primary, though not exclusive, outreach to the gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, and transgender community.


We are a Christian church in which all persons, from all backgrounds and all facets of life are welcome.


Metropolitain Community Church of Pueblo is a Community choosing to follow Jesus Christ, sharing God' love to all:  Providing a ministry of hope, affirmation, inspiration, and self worth.. 

We believe all people
 *Are divinely connected to God and each other. 
*Are worthy of love and respect 

We seek God through a ministy of prayer, study, and action (including peace and justice in the world)

We seek to bridge the many misunderstandings between GLBT People, Their families, Friends, and others in our community

As the oldest GLBT organization in Southern Colorado, Metropolitain Community Church of Pueblo, has been a leader in social and political issues facing Southern Colorado's Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, and Transgender community.

When Amendment 2, an anti-gay eguality amendment was placed on the Collorado ballot, MCC Pueblo played host to our denominations founder Reverend Elder Troy Perry's news conference outlining Metropolitain Community Churches opposition to the unfair and unjust ballot proposal.  We celebrated its defeat by the US Supreme Court by organizing a rally on the steps of the Pueblo County Court House steps.

We have held several marriage equality rellies on these same steps.

The PRIDE triagle on the Arkanasas River levee mural project was envisioned and designed by MCC Pueblo and carried out with the help of every organinization in the GLBT community.

MCC Pueblo was also active in the first PRIDE WEEK celebration held in Pueblo we have been involved in ever since.

What we believe

We affirm the equality of all human beings and respect each individual’s journey of faith.


We embrace Spirit filled Christ centered worship that affirms the joy of the resurrection of Jesus Christ through Word and Sacrament


We strive to put Christ’s love into action by upholding Christ’s teachings, by promoting stewardship

– time, talent, treasure-

and by engaging in social action and justice programs.


We endeavor to model honest and direct dealing in our social interactions.


We believe in the power of prayer to unleash God’s will for our lives.


We seek to build community through social interactions, empowering others with safe alternative activities.


We are committed to the inclusively of all people, exemplified through the practice of inclusive language, thereby promoting justice, reconciliation,

and love

Our vision  

Our vision for the future is that we will grow to become a leading Christian congregation in Southern Colorado’s community of faith that:


*Reaches out to a wide variety of people and communities with the love and

grace of God as expressed in Jesus Christ;


*Is an active agent against all forms of oppression:


*Empowers people to grow spiritually through dynamic worship, healthy relationships and life changing service